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Sep 8, 2011 1:00pm EDT
to the gentleman from michigan, the chair of the work force protection subcommittee, mr. wahlberg. the chair: the gentleman from michigan is recognized for three minutes. mr. walberg: i urge support of my colleagues. the same language in that ordinance as well what was put in our state constitutions, it says religion, morality and knowledge be necessary to the good government and happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged. i believe this bill does just that. it's a simple bill. it promotes a charter school program that accomplishes three goals. those being, one, to provide parents greater options for the children's education. two, consolidating education programs and reducing the authorization level. and three, supporting the development of high quality charter schools. that's what we are about in education. that's what we ought to be concerned with. this bill accomplished our goal of modernizing and streamlining the program by consolidating the current programs to one program and one authorization line. the results in savings still affords the taxpa
Sep 7, 2011 6:30pm PDT
in peace studies and english, go bears. she attended michigan state university law school. thank you. now they'v occ has three journal level investigators. we do have our charter mandated minimum of one investigator for every 150 police officers. it is wonderful news. thank you. that concludes my report. president mazzucco: congratulations and welcome to the new investigators. it will be an interesting read. the commission favors mediation. we appreciate your hard work. where are firm believers this strong and incredible occ makes for a strong and in kabul police department. poa joins in on that wit twoh steve johnson. any questions? >> item 3c. thepresident mazzucc>> the commg in the community. i would like to thank capt. sandford for his presentation and for officer broke the -- brophy. i said we are going to try to do more publicity to get more of the community there. i prefer to have more people there next time. the commission will take efforts next time in addition to what the district station capt. does in terms of putting out information but have the commission do a little more out
Sep 8, 2011 7:00am EDT
out and vote. thank you. >> danny from texas. host: david on the republican line from michigan. go ahead. caller: good morning. my first reaction is that obama needs to step down as president because he's failed so miserably and taking the nation into such a wrong direction. he often asks arab leaders that have done the same thing to step down. we should just appoint one of these republicans or tea party people like michelle bachmann or mitt romney or rick perry. to the other callers on the ponzi scheme and social security. i looked up ponzi scheme on wiki and it defines a ponzi scheme as a program like social security. it's part of the modern definition. everybody in the republican party and tea party they have a pretty well unified front talking about cutting taxes and getting rid of obama care which will save our medical across the united states and up lift our nation. the cutting of taxes, here's what happened to me. i was working as an engineer for a major corporation in the united states. the company had to pay so much taxes out that they just folded up and laid off 50,000 p
Sep 8, 2011 5:00pm EDT
. in talking to rick in ohio and fred in michigan, i think they understand the necessity to link job creation with deficit reduction. i think there's a great opportunity for this country for this committee to succeed. i think the members want to see this committee succeed. and to reduce deficit. if you can both reduce the deficit and put america back to work, it seems like >> congressman john larsen from earlier today. in an hour, president obama delivers his speech to a joint session of congress. our coverage picks up at 6:15 as members of the house and senate make their way to the floor. after the speech, we will take your phone calls and comments, also a reaction to a speech on c-span2. and now more about job creation and the economy. jeff sessions and other members of the republican conference spoke to reporters on what they hope to hear in the address the congress. this runs 20 minutes. >> good morning. president obama is coming to congress tonight to talk about jobs at that time when we have had persistent unemployment at a greater level than any time since the great depression. that is
Sep 7, 2011 10:00pm PDT
to meet with tennie to call his wife in michigan, in a last chance effort to save his marriage. >> so, have you decided what you're going to say, have you practiced? >> yeah. i just want her to understand the severity of actually going through the divorce. >> she could miss the best part of you. are you ready to call her? >> yeah. >> okay. this is tennie mccarty from shades of hope. well, i've enjoyed working with marco this week and we've talked a lot about your relationship and your marriage and the fact that, you knkn, that y'all are considering divorce. >> reporter: so, the phone call. how did that go? >> it kind of went like i thought it was going to go. i didn't expect -- i really didn't expect a whole lot, but -- excuse me. >> reporter: you're not going to be able to make the marriage work. >> no, no, i don't think so. but something that tennie said really kind of stuck with me. she's like, a year, a year and a half down the road, things are going to be a lot different for you. >> reporter: but what happens just six weeks down the road? what happens after they've all gone home?
Sep 8, 2011 1:00pm EDT
pennsylvania, florida, michigan, places where the elderly vote is going to be decisive and i'm sorry, when you call social security a ponzi scheme, that is something highly negative with a connotation that you don't like the whole system. so he is really going to have to answer for that. >> right you are, glenn thrush. that's a very active part of the electorate. thank you very much. >>> a quick correction. our apologies to speaker boehner who was speaking apparently about republicans not giving an official response to the president tonight when he said americans would rather be watching football. we'll be right back. biofilm so strong it survives brushing. thankfully, there's listerine® antiseptic. its triple-action formula penetrates biofilm, kills germs and protects your mouth for hours. fight biofilm with listerine®. ♪ [ country ]rms and protects your mouth for hours. [ man ] ♪ gone, like my last paycheck ♪ gone, gone away ♪ gone, like my landlord's smile ♪ ♪ gone, gone away ♪ my baby's gone away with dedicated claims specialists... and around-the-clock service, travelers c
Sep 8, 2011 6:00pm EDT
about ohio. talk about michigan. and then say, you know what, the one big plan i have for the economy was to save the automobile industry and none of you over here were with me. i took the chance and did it. look where we are. >> first lady, michelle obama has come in and is taking her seat. rachel, the movement. what do we do? we are getting ready to hear the president. if the president does what we have all collectively said, where does it go? does it go to the people, the congress? what do we do after hearing marching orders tonight from the president? assuming we hear marching orders? >> i think chris is right with the speed they need to act with. i will watch whether the president will be introducing specific legislation. whether there is legislation associated with his ideas. here we go. >> thanks to you all. this is the cabinet coming in. hillary clinton, timothy geithner, behind her. leon panetta, secretary of defense. ear eric holder. . thanks to all of you for watching. special coverage of the president's job speech starts right now, with the special edition of "hardball" wi
Sep 8, 2011 7:00pm EDT
of pennsylvania. there is kelly retiring this year from michigan. these people have been around for so long. they just love this stuff. look at h. it hasn't changed in years. reverend sharpton, this is the good old boy system we are watching but it not terribly unhealthy if they do something in the rituals, besides enjoy the presence in that chamber. >> i would hope they are reaching out to the american people like they are reaching out to the president. i think the real problem is, when you look at that 13% approval rating of congress. i think that we have to use that leverage, the public, that's why we were speaking earlier about that, there must be a real movement that goes down on those that block what is in our judgment the ability to create jobs. the fear, i think, comes from the fact that they are so -- and if we really started challenging and organizing in some of the key districts that are swing districts, i think that you can begin to create a climb that the president may not be able to create on his own. i think he has to give us enough to warrant -- to do that, he has it give en
Sep 8, 2011 2:11am PDT
." this woman was at a nascar race at the michigan international speedway. she took off her wedding ring to put on lotion and gets back home, oh, wait a minute, where is the ring? i think i left it. so then she gets on facebook, on the track's facebook page, if you find a ring, please contact me, 13 diamonds on it, i've been married 16 years, some crew member ends up fininng the ring, giving it back to her, calls it up and gives it. >> i love these missing wedding ring stories. a guy accidentally threw it in the trash and he went through all the trash bags in the local landfill and found the wedding ring. >> that's love. >> that is love. >> that's love. >>> speaking of love, this next story is adorable. there's a couple who's going back to the waldorf for their 50th anniversary because they had their honeymoon there in 1961. >> one of new york's swankiest hotelsls. jfk's first year of his holding court at the copa cabana in new york. turns out the waldorf astoria will honor a honeymoon receipt for your 50th anniversary if you have your receipt. it only costs them $23 to stay at the waldorf asto
Sep 7, 2011 5:00pm PDT
an e-mail from michigan fired over the phone by the chairman of the their financial records. and according to a report face but doubled to $1.6 million. as a private company they do not reportedly post their earnings but it estimates that they had 1.8 6 billion last year and predicted it will be a little over 4 billion in global revenues for 2011 becomes as facebook reached $100 billion before it recessed the ipo for next year. the ipad to is a thin device. if the report is true. it may be thinner and lighter thanks to a battery pack and expect to shell out more money for the device. it will come in a 20 to 30% bigger price point because of the advanced technology used. >> here is dan roberts found people behaving badly. >> you touch my camera i will have your arrested. >> if he did not stop film me i was take your camera. >> you have been warned. i will call the police. if you touch it out of the pleas. >> please turn off. >> i do not i will need to get away. >> : copt i will give you my cellphone. >> let me get district, it is completely ok to walk around but naked
Sep 7, 2011 8:00pm EDT
of michigan in the u.s. house of representatives -- he has done this since 2000. his experiences as a u.s. army officer and fbi agent, a businessman, and a representative of the michigan state senate and the u.s. congress provides him with a unique perspective on the security needs of our nation and the role of the intelligence community. he has worked hard to strengthen the intelligence community. he is noted in congress for his efforts to fight global terrorism. the speaker of the house appointed congressman rogers to the chair for the 112th congress because of his experience and reputation on national-security issues. i think we can safely say he always brings great energy and passion to this position. we are also honored to have with us senator mark warner, who was elected to the u.s. senate in 2008 to represent the people of the commonwealth of virginia. his experience and record as a successful businessman and governor of virginia prepared him for the challenges of washington. he has established himself as a national leader on fiscal and security issues, one who is willing to reac
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Sep 8, 2011 3:00am PDT
the option? so you got to get good legal advice before you do it. >> gretchen: let's go to michigan. i'm so upset with these lenders and how they treat people. i tried for two years to get a loan modification with no success. they lose paperwork and talk to me like i've committed a crime. why don't they understand what we are going through as homeowners? do you have an answer? >> you're dealing on two different levels. the first level is you're dealing with the emotional part of what homeowners are going through and the second part of it really is the lenders really are -- really detached from what's going on in america because it's a numbers game for them. for the homeowners, it's an emotional game. the problem is that there has been a huge learning conserve. until the lenders get to understand what homeowners are going through and exercise a program that's going to work, all of us as homeowners will be going through this and then you're in trouble. >> gretchen: john from texas says this, bob, thank you for being a straight shooter. no pun intended. why are the lenders taking so long to ma
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)